The world’s fastest growing emerging market is not a country or a region; It is the world’s women.

OPIC launched the 2X Women’s Initiative during Women’s History Month in March of 2018, committing to catalyze $1 billion to invest in women in developing countries. By year end, OPIC had surpassed that initial target.

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International Responsible Drinking Campaign for Brown-Forman

At Brown-Forman responsibility is woven through who they are. We behave responsibly because we have integrity, because we respect ourselves and each other. We are a team. We are a family built on trust. We are an empowered group of people who know that when we take a second and pause we will make the best decisions for ourselves, for the company, and for our communities.

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More than ever businesses, non-profits and government agencies are working to address the world’s growing social and environmental issues (identified by the UN as…). For their work to have maximum impact they will need help with communication. That makes our work an essential component of this effort.

We also build confident Impact Brands. Working with businesses that believe success should be measured by more than financial performance.

+ 70 acres of high-tech greenhouses in Appalachia
+ A Louisville non-profit supporting socially responsible businesses
+ A Lexington non-profit supporting high-school students
+ An association seeking federal support for hemp
+ Statewide coalition of advocates for abused children

+ 100% grass-fed beef
+ (Solar)
+ (Fayette Alliance)

2016 (and before)
+ (Intl Book Project)
+ (Fayette Alliance – I’m not sure about the year)
+ Energy efficient, high-speed rail in Texas
+ Magnetic rail on the East Coast


Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky
Fayette Alliance
Texas Central Railway
US Hemp Roundtable
The Business and Education Network
Int’l Book Project
Foxhollow Farm


We donate our services to our neighbors who share our values of solving social and environmental issues.

2019, TEDxCorbin
2018, Western Middle School
2018, I Was Here
2017, Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop
2016, NoLi CDC
2015, Phys Ed
2014, CFA


As members of the world community, we all have to do our part. In 2015, the United Nations identified 17 sustainable development goals. We judge our work’s impact by whether it contributes to accomplishing these goals. We’re all in this together.

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