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Bullhorn’s Origin Story

In 2008, friends and neighbors Brad Flowers and Griffin VanMeter started a full-service marketing agency together they called Bullhorn Creative. By full-service, they meant that they would do anything. Their first big gig consisted of selling beer out of the back of a box truck at an annual rave called the Beaux Arts Ball. After that rousing success, they went on to put together events, ads, videos, and generally showy nonsense for local businesses.

They grew into a branding agency, focusing on building confident brands with language and design. Their full team comprises fourteen, and their offices are in their home neighborhood on the Northside of Lexington, Kentucky and Washington, DC.

Rooted in strategy, their branding process is widely applied across industries, scales, media, and needs. In short: They will still do anything. As long as it’s good work. For good people.

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Brad Flowers, Founding Partner

Brad Flowers co-founded Bullhorn in 2008. Brad’s degree in Literature serves him well in his strategy and language work during the branding process. It does not serve him well in his operational work, which is primarily informed by his rugged real-world experience and self-taught MBA. He is also an avid cycler – for commuting and for competition. He co-founded and currently serves on the board of a non-profit community bike shop called Broke Spoke. Spreading the good word.

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Business as a force for good.

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Adam Kuhn, Creative Director

In 2012, Adam Kuhn took a gamble and left his stable, secure, and cushy job as Lead Interface Designer at Lexmark to join Bullhorn. Boasting a BFA from Eastern Kentucky University and a history of odd jobs that have taken him everywhere from a fuse box factory to a chop shop, Adam’s checkered past informs his strong creative leadership. He firmly believes that whatever he did yesterday will never be as good as what he’ll accomplish tomorrow.

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