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Our thoughts on branding and social impact.

Building An Anti-Racist Culture

Building An Anti-Racist Culture

An anti-racist organization might start with a public statement, but it does not stop there. A commitment to change is a long-term commitment to self-analysis, education, and action.

What's in a Name: Quibi's Naming Critique

Do Quibi’s Problems Come Down to a Confusing Name?

Good names are usually only good in the rearview mirror. Are Google and Apple inherently good names, or do they have the benefit of a rosy rear view? Probably the latter.

Dig in. A visual of a doorway than continues to get smaller.

Dig In Your Heels

As an organization (or a human), it can feel disingenuous to carry on as normal in times of change. But talking about it can feel disingenuous, too. Where do you go from here?

Peer Pressure: 2020 Impact Report

Peer Pressure: 2020 Impact Report

This is a collection of stories about learning from each other. A look back at the past two years — at our impact on each other, our partners, and our community.

Generative Snowflakes

We’re Still Here.

We thrive when we are in a room together. When the room is virtual, it takes extra communication, kudos, flexibility, virtual happy hours, better jokes, and grit. And we must rely on our core values more than ever.

The Naming Book Title Design

Why Write a Book About Naming?

It happened during the first question of the first interview. He started with a great intro. I think I blushed a little. Then, he turned to me and asked: “So Brad, why did you decide to write The Naming Book?”

We Needed Focus. 2 arrows pointing away from one another.

We Needed to Focus

Our 2020 started with a bang: Rewarding work and great clients. Busyness often produces blurriness. We needed to stand taller for something. It felt morally imperative. We needed to focus.

UN SDG Blog Post

Working at the World’s Checklist

In 2015, the United Nations adopted a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and our planet. At the core of the project are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ten Red Flags of Corporate Social Responsibility

To be a responsible company is to consider your impact. Effective corporate social responsibility is more than a surface-level commitment — it leverages your entire organization for good.

On Style and Timelessness

When Creative Director Chris Jackson came across Robert Ryman’s Classico 5—an art piece comprised of white paint on white canvas—his reaction was visceral. It changed how he thought of art, and of style.