Castle & Key: A Spirits Destination
Castle & Key Photography

Originally built in 1887, the Old Taylor Distillery had been abandoned, and sat in ruins for decades. Then in 2014, Castle & Key’s founders had the courage to leave behind comfortable careers to create something extraordinary. They loved Kentucky bourbon culture, but had a dream of something different. Something new.


We worked with the Castle & Key’s partners to build a brand for the senses with new language, photography, video, and a website. We wanted to showcase all of the beautiful subtleties of the products and the property, from guided tasting experiences to the parts of the property that don’t require a ticket, like exploring the botanical gardens and listening to the creek. What we created was an invitation to explore, to ask questions, to get to know Castle & Key.

Castle & Key Website Design
Castle & Key
Castle & Key Website Design
Castle & Key Tasting Photography
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Castle & Key Website Design
Castle & Key Photography

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