Castle & Key Distillery: Spirits Company
Castle & Key Hand painted sign

In 2014, Kentucky native Will Arvin left his law practice to pursue his dream of owning a distillery. He called on Wes Murry, who immediately shared in his vision. Although the Old Taylor Distillery site was in disrepair and overgrown, the newly minted business partners saw something special. The Castle & Key story is a compelling one. But it didn’t get the name Castle & Key until February 2016. Their logo followed shortly after. But their story was just beginning to unfold. That’s where we stepped in.


Before the opening, we worked with the Castle & Key team to introduce their story to an expectant public, with language and design that spoke to both their heritage and vision of history-making. In the spring of 2018, they opened their doors. People across the country took note. By all measures, it was a success. But the Castle & Key team was not satisfied. They were already planning what to do next. They soon rolled out a limited-release spirit and added new ways to interact with the property. As they took on new challenges, we worked closely with their team to ensure that the brand kept pace.

We conducted a language workshop to hone and clarify the Castle & Key voice. We created a bank of photography and videography that represents what it feels like to really be there. We built a digital style guide to provide them with one cohesive, functional resource. Then, we built a new website that further brings the property to life. Functionally, the website introduces a new buying experience for customers and provides new customer insights for the team. But, it also highlights seasonality. And it showcases the beautiful subtleties of the property, the parts that don’t require a ticketed experience, like sitting in an adirondack chair by the springhouse to listen to the creek.

What we created was an experience as magnetic as the property itself, but it’s also more: it is a foundation that will support wherever their imaginations are headed next.

An Identity for Castle & Key Distillery By Bullhorn CreativeCastle & Key Distillery Map
Castle & Key Distillery
An Identity for Castle & Key Distillery By Bullhorn Creative
An Identity for Castle & Key Distillery By Bullhorn Creative
Castle & Key Branding Welcome Packet
Castle & Key Branding Welcome Packet
Castle & Key Restoration Release London Dry Gin Bottle Design