Common Good: More than an After-School Program

Step into Common Good, and you step into a sort of bunker. Not a place to hide, but a place to grow. Located in the basement of a local church, it feels safe, comfortable, energetic. You are greeted like family. And that’s what Common Good, a neighborhood community in North Lexington, is: A second family.

Families and students of all ages choose to participate in one of their programs. More than sixty mentors tirelessly volunteer their time each week. Through education, recreation, creativity, and meaningful relationships, leaders emerge.

We wanted to help Common Good share their stories, to communicate more widely that they aren’t just an after-school program. They invest in their students and families. Whether it’s a positive bond, a college visit, a warm meal, or a parent education course, they provide a path to success. They engaged us to refresh their brand through language and design. To communicate their innovative culture and influence more involvement from current and potential stakeholders.


Our goal was to create a brand identity that not only speaks their mission more loudly and clearly, but that represents the forward motion their students and families experience at Common Good. We designed a logo to show their momentum, their liveliness. The vibrant applications and flexibility hint at the creativity and empowerment instilled in each individual. We collaborated to come up with language that speaks inclusively and consistently in social media, web work, and fundraising materials.

Common Good invites everyone to be a part of their mission to develop leaders in an under-resourced community. It’s inspiring. We can’t wait to watch them make an even bigger impact in our neighborhood.

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