FMS: Facilities Management Services

When your company is focused on making a positive impact it can be difficult to talk about yourself. You don’t want to be disingenuous. But, at the same time, you want to tell the world about the cool things you are doing. FMS is a commercial cleaning company in Louisville, Kentucky dedicated to their front-line employees and the communities they live in. That can be hard to talk about in a way that doesn’t take advantage of the employees you are empowering.


We started the impact branding project with an audit. We pared down the number of logos they have to make their identity easier to use and more transparent from the outside. We also pruned back language to ensure all applications were on-brand. From that streamlined position, we developed sales and marketing materials that told their story with clarity of purpose. One of the pieces was their Sustainability Report. Rather than tell the world how great they are, they gathered the numbers and real stories to show the tangible, profound impact the company is having in their neighborhood and the greater Louisville area.