Foxhollow Farm: Meat Delivery
Foxhollow Meat Subscription Billboard

Foxhollow Farm is a family farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky. This cattle farm is founded on thoughtful principles using biodynamic agricultural processes to promote stewardship of their land. The beef that Foxhollow provides its service region is the finest in the area. But the way we buy our groceries is changing. And Foxhollow is keeping up by promoting a new delivery subscription service. They hired us to think through the service’s identity and marketing.


We explored several naming routes for Foxhollow’s meat delivery service, but decided that their family name was the most powerful thing in their arsenal. So we landed on a direct, explanatory name that would bring in loyal customers across the region. We updated the existing Foxhollow Farm colors to drive home a handmade, natural aesthetic. And our marketing was fun, direct, and friendly. The subscriptions have been on an increasing upswing since the new identity launched.

An Identity for Foxhollow Farm Delivery By Bullhorn Creative
Foxhollow Farm
Foxhollow Farm
Foxhollow Farm
An Identity for Foxhollow Farm Delivery By Bullhorn CreativeFoxhollow Farm