Screamin’ Mimi’s: Sweet Hot Salsa
Screamin’ Mimi’s

You probably know someone with strong feelings about their favorite food. They’ve got a sticker, or maybe a shirt. They purchase significant quantities with regularity. So much so that they joke that they should just buy the company. They’re probably bluffing. Webb Milward, lifelong Screamin’ Mimi’s fan, was not bluffing.

We were asked to help translate the core tenet of the brand – a genuine, messy togetherness – to a digital age.


We learned about Mimi, an undeterred, inventive matriarch with a hell of a lot of zest. We learned what made this salsa more than just salsa – a sweet and spicy duality that mirrored Mimi’s persona. We reinvigorated the brand language and design to capture this personality. We designed packaging, provided photography, and created a website, as lively as the brand itself.

Screamin’ Mimi’sScreamin’ Mimi’sScreamin’ Mimi’sScreamin’ Mimi’s
Screamin’ Mimi’s
Screamin’ Mimi’s