Young Author’s Greenhouse: Creative Writing Center
The Opposite Shop Store

Young Author’s Greenhouse is a creative writing and tutoring nonprofit in Louisville. They inspire students between 6 and 18 to recognize the power of their voices and stories. Located in the old Boys and Girls Club in the Portland neighborhood, it is a safe and inspiring place for kids to come and take creative writing classes.

Young Author’s Greenhouse operates the storefront, The Opposite Shop — a pseudo-fictional store inherited by twins who saw themselves as so irreconcilably different that they split the store down the middle to bring their own visions to life. In addition to creating the store’s visual identity, customer experiences, products, packaging, and exterior design we helped them imagine a plan to eventually become known as the more aspirational Opposite Shop. We also helped solidify the names of the twins’ halves: Airship Emporium and Deep Sea Supply.

The Opposite Shop Brand Architecture
The Opposite Shop Logo SetThe Opposite Shop: Airship Emporium Door SignageYoung Author’s Greenhouse
Young Author’s Greenhouse
Young Author’s Greenhouse
Young Author’s Greenhouse
Young Author’s GreenhouseYoung Author’s Greenhouse
The Opposite Shop: Deep Sea Supply Poster
The Opposite Shop: Deep Sea Supply Goods
Young Author’s Greenhouse

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